JCD's Caviary, Guinea Pig Breeder in SE MN

Updated on December 24th, 2013


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 Here's a picture of my son, James, and one of the males that started our crazy cavy love, Punky. 

RIP Punky

Unknown - 11/27/10


We are a small caviary in SE MN.  We are new to all this, Sept 2008, and just starting to get our own show herd together.  So far I have decided to work on lilac Americans, broken dilute Coronets, broken dilute Peruvians and broken dilute Texels. My son, James, has decided to work with silver and dilute agouti amercians.  My youngest son, Dylan, is going to be helping me with the lilac Americans and will be showing them starting this year.  To learn more about who we are and our other family members click on About Us.  To see what is new here check out our Blog

And remember to leave us some feedback on our site in our Guestbook.  Thanks for checking us out.  As we grow we may have piggies for sale as well.  As for right now we are just making our own herd.   

 We are members of the River Valley Cavy Fanciers (RVCF), ACBA and ARBA.

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